Screen Shots

ClipQuik Main Window

ClipQuik's tabbed interface allows you to store up to 30 multi-lined entries, five entries per tab. It can also store up to 20 additional frequently used single-line entries. This compact design allows you to leave the application on your desktop while working within other applications. Click one of the six tabs to quickly switch between your saved entries.

To add a new entry, simply click on one of the numbered buttons to the left of the desired entry field. This copies the contents of the clipboard to the entry field selected. ClipQuik only enters the selections you choose to enter, and eliminates the possibility of accidentally overwriting a needed entry by warning you before replacing existing text.

If you'd like to name a particular entry for easy identification, right-click on one of the 30 numbered buttons and select "Name Entry" from the pop-up context menu. This displays a text box allowing you to name the selected entry. To view your entry captions, hold your mouse cursor over the desired text entry, and the caption you've chosen will be displayed.

To Re-use an entry, simply press one of the "copy" buttons located to the right of each entry field. This copies the text to your Windows clipboard allowing you to instantly paste it into the application or document of your choice.

Notice in the image above that only a small selection of each entry is visible in each entry field. By clicking on the entry field text, a new window is opened, enabling you to view the entire entry, or edit the text, if necessary.

The text window to the right enables you to view the entire entry. It can also be used to edit the text, if necessary, or even manually create new entries. You can enlarge the window by selecting: the "Window > Enlarge" menu item. The text window can also be resized by dragging an edge to the desired window size.

You can use the standard menu commands; "Copy", "Cut", "Paste", and "Select All" when editing text. Right-clicking anywhere in the text box will display a similar menu with the additional option to "Undo" your last action.

When editing text be sure to press the "Update" button to update the original entry. When manually creating new entries or replacing the entire entry, press the "Add New" button to add your new entry to the previous form.

To copy the contents of the text box to your Windows clipboard, click on the "Copy Entry to Clipboard" button located on the toolbar just above the text box. If you'd like the text window to close automatically as you copy the text to your clipboard, click on the "Copy Entry to Clipboard / Close Text Editor button.

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