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To obtain an upgrade to the most current version, click here and include your name and e-mail address in the body of the message, and "ClipQuik Update" as the subject. When requesting updates, you MUST provide the exact name and e-mail address that was given when you registered the program. If your e-mail address ever changes, please notify me by e-mail beforehand, so I can keep your contact information up-to-date. Unless previously notified, update information can only be sent to the e-mail address given at the time of registration. Version updates are for registered users only.

Before installing updates, be sure to uninstall your existing version.
  • Close any instances of ClipQuik that may be running, either on your desktop, or in the system tray.
  • From the "Start" menu, select "Control Panel".
  • Double-click "Add or Remove Programs".
  • Select "ClipQuik" from the list.
  • Click on the "Change/Remove" button .
  • Follow the prompts until uninstall is complete.

Update History

03/08/2009 - Version 4.09
  • Modified text editor to display and resize correcly when installed on Windows Vista.

02/26/2009 - Version 4.08
  • Updated setup program
  • Updated contact information

09/13/2003 - Version 4.07
  • Minor Help File modifications

12/06/01 - Version 4.06
  • Updated Web Site URL
  • Minor Help File modifications

07/22/01 - Version 4.05
  • Updated Web Site URL

07/02/00 - Version 4.04
  • Removed "Active on Mouseover" feature. This feature was not functioning correctly under Windows 98.
  • Bug fixed in "Auto-Save on Exit" feature. When checked, entry settings were also being saved when program
    was minimized to the system tray, causing the start-up entries to be unexpectedly overwritten.
  • Modified code to properly save start-up entries when system is shut down while ClipQuik is still running.
  • Added "Hide at Startup" feature to Options menu.

02/05/00 - Version 4.03
  • Redesigned toolbar in text editor.
  • Additional source code modifications in text editor.
  • Added shortcut keys to menu items.

01/28/00 - Version 4.02
  • Major modifications made to "Help".

01/09/00 - Version 4.01
  • Minor modifications to system tray list menu.
  • Modifications made to "Help" in registered version.

01/01/00 - Version 4.0
  • ClipQuik now stores up to 50 entries at a time.
  • 3 additional tabs and 15 additional entry fields have been added. Now stores up to 30 multi-line entries.
  • A "Frequently Used" cliplist has been added. ClipQuik now stores up to 20 additional single-line entries.
  • Removed "QuikList" form and replaced it with a system tray pop-up menu which stores all 50 entries.
    All entries can now be instantly accessed by left-clicking on the system tray icon.
  • Modifications have been made to all pop-up menus within the program.
  • Removed the blue "Name Entry" images from each entry field. The "Name Entry" function is now accessed
    using the right-click pop-up menu within each of the 30 numbered buttons.

11/24/99 - Version 3.01
  • Added "Hide" and "Show" command buttons to "QuikList" form, eliminating the need to move the form
    around when working within other applications.
  • Bug fixed in "Always on Top" feature.

11/09/99 - Version 3.0
  • The evaluation period in the Demo version has been extended to 30 days.
  • Convenient "QuikList" has been added to the system tray popup menu enabling the user to quickly access a
    list of all 15 saved entries.
  • Additional menu commands added to system tray popup menu.
  • Minor bug fixes.

08/22/99 - Version 2.12
  • Added "Save Clipboard As..." menu command. Instantly saves clipboard contents as text file. Right-click system
    tray icon or numbered buttons to access this menu command.
  • Removed minimize (_) button. Close (X) button minimizes ClipQuik to system tray.

07/02/99 - Version 2.11
  • Changes made to evaluation feature.

06/14/99 - Version 2.10
  • Bug fix in "Connect to URL" feature.
  • Close(X) button now minimizes ClipQuik to system tray.

06/05/99 - Version 2.09
  • Additional options added to right-click popuop menu. (Numbered buttons)
1)   "Connect to URL"
    Launches default web browser to any stored URL.
2)   "Edit Entry"
    Opens entry in edit window for viewing or editing.
3)   "Save Entry As..."
    Saves individual entries as text files directly from main window.
4)  "Restore Startup Entry"
    Restores individual entry to it's original state at start-up.

04/20/99 - Version 2.08
  • Minor bug mixes.
  • Modifications to source code affecting file side and load time.
  • Added "Name Entry" option to right-click popup menu.

10/06/98 - Version 2.07
  • Added "Clear Tab" item to Options Menu.
  • Right Click popup menu added to numbered buttons with new menu commands to "Paste from Clipboard",
    "Copy to Clipboard", "Load Entry", and "Clear Entry".

09/30/98 - Version 2.06
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Right Click functionality added to system tray icon.

09/27/98 - Version 2.05
  • Updated "Evaluation period" feature which enables users of 1.x to also evaluate features in current version.
  • Options menu settings are now saved to registry on shut-down.
  • When naming entries, previously saved entry names are now stored and reloaded into text field.

09/22/98 - Version 2.04
  • Updated "Save Set" feature. In previous versions an error occurred when the user attempted to save a set with
    the same name as an already existing set, even though the set was saved to a different directory. This has been fixed.
  • Added feature which recognizes Entry Sets saved in previous versions of ClipQuik, updates the set, and makes it
    compatible with the current version.

09/20/98 - Version 2.03
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Fixed Windows conflict with systray.ocx. Replaced with wnostray.ocx.

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